Barna Survey Shows Spiritual Impact of SuperKids Program

Barna survey shows big impact of superkids programAn overwhelming majority of the children who attended Scripture Union’s SuperKids program last  summer increased their knowledge of God, Jesus and the Bible and also came away feeling more loved by God.

Those are some of the major findings of a survey of  the children who participated in SU’s SuperKids outreach program this past summer. The survey was conducted by the nationally respected Barna research group of California.

Conveys Message of God’s Love

Barna tested the children both before and after their attendance at SuperKids. The survey found that 85% of the children reported feeling more loved by God after attending SuperKids. Barna concluded that “the experience of {SuperKids} itself appears to convey a key Biblical message of God’s love for us.”

The survey also found that over 80% of the children said they learned new things about God and Jesus and that over three quarters of the children said they learned more about the Bible.  They children were tested on a large number of beliefs and attitudes about Jesus. The survey found that “without exception, every single belief about Jesus that was tested …experienced an increase” between the testing periods at the beginning and at the end of the SuperKids program.

Helps Children Learn More About Jesus

Testing of the volunteers and team leaders reinforced the findings regarding the children. According to Barna, “the highest rating of SuperKids program attributes (both pre and post test) for leaders and volunteers was regarding the program’s ability to help children learn more about Jesus.”  Over 80% said that they felt SuperKids helped the children know more about Jesus and 75% said SuperKids made Bible learning fun for the children.

SuperKids is certainly a lot of fun for children (about 70% said that’s why they come) but more than that, it effectively teaches and reinforces the great truths of God’s Word that they can build their lives on!

For more information about SuperKids (or any of Scripture Union’s programs for children or adults), contact the SU office at 1-800-621-LAMP (5267) or P.O. Box 215 Valley Forge, PA 19481.


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