The Anywhere, Anytime Outreach Program for Children.

SuperKids Outreach Ministry

You don’t have to travel far to spread the good news about Jesus. There are Children in your own community who have never heard of the love of Jesus Christ for them. SuperKids® Outreach Missions are all about taking the love of Jesus to children, wherever they are. Churches use the SuperKids® program and curriculum to reach out to children in their surrounding communities. The SuperKids curriculum gives simple, easy to follow lessons. The fun creative programs are designed to attract children and hold their attention –but not to overwhelm the leaders with lots of program materials. The curriculum goes where the kids are.

SuperKids Outreach Ministry

Youth Groups and Mission Teams take the SuperKids® program and curriculum to church yards, back yards, city parks and public beaches, even overseas. SuperKids® is an exciting and creative way to share the good news about Jesus to unchurched and unreached children wherever they are.


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